Beekman Cortés, LLP, offers first-rate legal representation for people facing criminal charges in Napa and Solano Counties.

Cate Beekman and Francisco Cortés are a wife/husband team of attorneys, each with more than ten years’ experience defending people accused in California’s criminal courts. They work together on every case, making strategic and efficient use of each attorney’s strengths.

Cate and Francisco get excellent results for their clients, and their service is professional and discreet. They work hard to protect their clients’ freedom, their dignity, and their livelihoods.

Individually, Cate Beekman and Francisco Cortés are exceptional trial attorneys with stellar reputations. Together, they are unmatched.




Cate Beekman

Cate is our trial attorney. She has spent most of her career defending people in the criminal courtrooms of Napa and Solano Counties where she has established a reputation as a knowledgeable, trustworthy and persuasive advocate. She is well respected by the courts, prosecutors, and her fellow defense attorneys.

Francisco Cortés

Francisco is our research, writing, and appellate attorney. He is a direct and persuasive writer who advances sophisticated legal arguments prosecutors can’t anticipate and judges can’t ignore. 



We offer a different product than most criminal defense attorneys because we represent each and every one of our clients as a team. We have developed a collaborative process that makes efficient use of each of our strongest skills and talents which allows us to produce very creative, strategic work. 

Having two attorneys also means there are two people available to answer your phone calls and emails, and two attorneys to keep your case moving.