While any criminal defense attorney can negotiate a simple plea deal in a DUI case, not many attorneys can actually make a difference in the outcome.

DUIs are very complex cases to defend because the government relies heavily on scientific evidence and professional witnesses to convict the accused. Working with experts is essential if you want to know the strength of the government’s case and be able to develop an informed, strategic and effective defense. That’s why we have working relationships with distinguished experts and rely on their opinions when preparing our client’s defense. 

Because our practice is focused heavily on defending DUIs we know the relevant law inside and out. We know what issues to look for in a case and we have the skills and experience required to litigate them effectively. 

If you just want lawyer to appear in court for you and try to get a deal quickly, most criminal defense attorneys can do that. But if you want to fight your case with strong, smart advocates on your side who know how to use the law strategically to improve outcomes, hire Beekman Cortés, LLP.