At Beekman Cortés, LLP, we defend every case by investigating the facts thoroughly and litigating all possible legal issues. Investigating thoroughly helps us assess the strength of the evidence, and vigorous pretrial litigation helps us limit the evidence the prosecutor can use in the case. We have found this approach brings our clients better settlement offers and great results at trial. 

We work hard to defend our clients’ cases and we take seriously our role as counselors. We recognize we are not just defending against criminal charges; we are also representing people going through a difficult period in their lives. When our clients need to make important decisions in their cases we are there to guide them through the process and to give them the information they need to make intelligent choices. Our clients always know what is happening with their cases, the goals and strategies at each hearing, and the potential benefits and consequences of pursuing a particular course of action.

While we cannot guarantee any particular result, we promise to use every legal tool available to achieve the best outcome for you in your case.